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Education and Childcare Sector

Jobs in the education sector vary from teaching and training to roles in learning support and youth work.

If you love being around children, the industry will be perfect for you. You are making a real difference and every day is different. It's not like the average job in an office – you are caring, interacting and of course, inspiring.

Each day, the things you say and do will make a real impact on children and young people being so impressionable. In fact, one could argue that working in childcare, along with health care, is among the most important industries in society.

Work in the sector is often seen as fulfilling, as you can witness the impact of your own skills and enthusiasm on your students.

There is currently a high demand for teachers, with opportunities for career development. The skills gained through teaching are also valued by employers in many industries.

The Childcare Sector industry has various sectors for people to work in. You could take on a role in Early Years, Residential Childcare or within Children and Young People's Workforce.

People who want to work in childcare could become nursery nurses, childminders, sure start workers, special educational needs workers, childcare centre managers, preschool advisors and the list goes on. The role depend on your level of qualifications and experience.

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If you are dedicated to working with children or have a strong interest in education we have the perfect course for you no matter what level you're starting at. Our courses will build up a comprehensive range of knowledge and skills to help you reach your goal of working within this sector.