London Learning Consortium

LLC is here to help you recruit and train apprentices for your business.

The London Learning Consortium is here to help you recruit and train apprentices for your business. LLC currently works exclusively with employers such as local authorities and other levy paying organisations as well as SMEs and Third Sector Charities etc to provide a range of skills and employment services.

LLC provides bespoke and customized training to suit your business and your organisation’s needs.

LLC recruits and pre-screens potential apprentices for employers as part of the service.

LLC offers free information, advice and guidance to employers who want to set up apprenticeship schemes in their organisations, including how to access the Apprenticeship Service Platform to manage apprenticeship funding.

What are the benefits of Apprenticeships to your business?

Of employers who employ Apprentices:

  • 80% agree they make their workplace more productive
  • 83% rely on their Apprenticeship programme to provide the skilled workers they need for the future
  • 88% believe that Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce
  • 81% of consumers favour using a company which takes on Apprentices

One in five employers is hiring more Apprentices to help them through the tough economic climate.

As an employer you can benefit from:

  • Positive return on investment – from higher productivity, quality of work, staff retention and employee satisfaction
  • Increased competitiveness – resulting from a highly skilled workforce
  • Higher quality of work – from day one, apprentices are given the tools to do their job and their quality of work is monitored and assessed
  • Reduced costs – usually businesses find costs are reduced by improved productivity, government funding and less waste
  • Improved recruitment – businesses like yours need new blood to ensure they’re able to deliver their strategic business objectives. By offering Apprenticeships, they find it easier to recruit able young people
  • Increased staff retention – Apprenticeship programmes reduce external recruitment costs as a result of high retention rates. This gives businesses a competitive advantage in a tight labour market, by reducing your training and recruitment costs

Hiring an apprentice can help businesses across all sectors by offering a route to harness fresh new talent and skills. Apprenticeships ensure that your workforce has the practical skills and qualifications your organisation needs now and in the future. The mixture of on and off-the-job learning ensures that the apprentice learns the skills that work best for your business.

What we can offer you as an employer

LLC offer Employers a tailor-made Apprentice Recruitment Service covering all aspects of the process needed for an employer to recruit the right people the first time. Our recruitment process provides an efficient and uncomplicated form of recruitment that suits your business needs.

As a well-respected Government Funded training provider we have a wide network of individuals who have completed our programmes and are currently seeking work. We are able to draw from this network of potential employees to fill your vacancy with a suitable candidate.

No matter what sector your organisation works in, Apprenticeships give you the chance to develop the skilled staff you need for your business.

LLC offer a comprehensive range of apprenticeship frameworks including:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Business Support and Customer Service
  • Education and Childcare
  • Health and Social Care
  • Housing

If you want to know more, please complete the application form below and we will be in contact to support you with your recruitment and training needs.