London Learning Consortium

Wellbeing Information

The emotional wellbeing of our learners and staff is extremely important to us at LLC and we are committed to ensuring that we support all our stakeholders fully and/or offer signposting to other organisations if necessary.

In light of this LLC has developed our Wellbeing Academy which has embedded our approach to supporting wellbeing throughout our organisation. As an LLC learner this means our staff have been trained to proactively seek to support any wider barriers you may have to being successful on your programme, whether that means flexibility with attendance or deadlines, or referral to external services, LLC will ensure that wherever possible we will work in partnership with you to put your wellbeing at the heart of your LLC journey.

If you have any concerns regarding your progress on your programme then please speak to your tutor/assessor who will be able to assist you or refer you as required.

We've put together some resources below and we hope will help you.

If you are still struggling after several weeks and it is affecting your daily life, please contact NHS 111