Health and Social Care Courses

Health and Social Care Sector

A career in social care offers long-term employment prospects, with opportunities for promotion and progression as well as job security.

Jobs are increasing and offering significant numbers of long-term career opportunities.

There are an estimated 1.49 million people working in social care, and by 2035 we'll need to fill around 580,000 more jobs.

The healthcare industry comprises all organisations that offer products and services to people in need of any preventive, rehabilitative or curative treatment.

The healthcare industry is also made up of several other industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, healthcare equipment industry and several other life sciences industries that work for the development of the healthcare sector.

Whilst the NHS may dominate the provision of healthcare in England, the country is home to a significant private sector.

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Social care is about supporting people to maintain their independence, dignity and control. If you are looking to upskill in this area, you could be supporting people working in a care home, in the local community or from someone’s home.

There’s always a job in your community that you can do to help others. If you like working with people, social care offers a worthwhile job that can turn into a rewarding, long-term career.