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The London Citizen Journalism Competition is now open

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Deadline for entries: 21st May 2018

Do you have something to say about issues in London?

Are you interested in journalism as a career?

Would you like some of the best known media experts in the UK to see your work?

Then the London Voices Citizen Journalism competition is for you!


What are the benefits?

  • It’s FREE to enter
  • No previous experience required, just an enthusiasm for citizen journalism!
  • Your work will get seen by a range of journalism experts
  • You could win amazing prizes and have your entry showcased on the London Voices website


What are the aims of the competition?

London Learning Foundation is proud to be building on last year’s successful competition to support London’s aspiring citizen journalists (whether you want to be a professional, contribute to citizen papers, or just find a way to voice your opinion on London issues).

The aim is to support and promote emerging journalism talent across London, and generate some inspirational news ways of seeing our city. We want to help encourage new voices for London which reflect personal experiences of living, working or studying in one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in the world. Above all, this competition hopes to nurture new talent, stimulate debate and challenge the way Londoners view their city, through citizen journalism.

We welcome entries from complete beginners, students and those getting started in the world of journalism, as well as anyone who wants to have a go at being a citizen journalist.  Your entry can be written, online, using video or audio technology, or through photo journalism.

No previous experience of journalism is required. All you need is enthusiasm!

Please note we do not permit you as an entrant to use your entry as a platform to express discriminatory or prejudicial views or to incite hatred, violence or criminal activities whether this be actual, virtual or accidental. This is not a vehicle for political views or for lobbying.

Entrants must:

  • Be over 14 years old
  • Live, work or study in greater London
  • Not be in full-time paid journalism work


How can I enter the competition?

1.    Choose your theme
Your entry can be about anything that affects London, including sports, art, culture, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, community, environment, fashion, science, travel, or anything else that is important to you.
As a guide we are looking for a maximum of two thousand words for a written piece of journalism, 10 photographic stills, or 5 minutes of video or audio material.

2.    Choose your journalistic media
Your entry can use whatever media you are interested in. Last year’s competition entrants wrote traditional news or magazine-style articles, produced videos or audio articles, or told their story through photo journalism. You decide what works best for your story.

Click here to have a look at the winners from last year

3.    Download and complete the Competition Entry Form
Download the Competition Entry Form here.
London Voices Competition Entry Form 2018

Competition Guidelines and Rules
Email your completed form to Amanda at

4.    Send us your competition entry form along with your entry by 5pm on Monday 21st May 2018
Email your written entry to, or send us a link if your article is published online. If your entry is a video or audio file, upload it to our Dropbox account at  

Please note, by entering this competition, you are agreeing that your work can be freely exhibited and used for promotional purposes by London Learning Foundation and other partners. No personal details will be used or published without your permission.


Further information

See examples of work from last year’s winners

See a video clip interviewing last year’s winners

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Here’s what last year’s winners said:


Louisa Naks

It’s really great to give it a go, and it can help with validating both your interest and your ability. It really confirmed to me that this is the career I want. It also showed me that I had the ability, and that other people thought I could write. 

It opened a lot of doors for me - it really helps to have my name out there now, and winning the competition looks really good on my CV. This is important as the industry is very competitive




Joel Kiffin

The competition gave me an opportunity to write and see where it would take me. It gave me some experience before going to university, and let me have some feedback on what I did. It’s a great opportunity to have your work assessed by media professionals and have a go at writing. 

It’s even more useful when applying for jobs and getting into university, as it shows what you can do. It helps with getting experience, and it was a real confidence boost for me.




Giulia Bassanese

Entering the competition gave me a good push of self-confidence, and it made me feel more certain that this was the type of journalism I was interested in.  It’s a really good opportunity, both to win prize money but also to help you understand more about your strengths in the field.

Winning a prize gave me something concrete to write about in my job applications - it helped me get interviews when I didn’t have a lot of experience as I had a real achievement to talk about. Having an award on your CV is a really good starting point, and it was a good opportunity to get my name out there. I mentioned it in all my applications for jobs and internships.




Seren Morris

I decided to enter the competition as a way to test myself; I wanted to know that I could do something like this. I've been interested in journalism for years, but this competition was a great way to challenge myself and see if I was any good at this journalism business! I had never entered anything like this before, but it’s made me realise that I might have a talent in this industry, so I feel more confident in pursuing it as a career.

My experience with the competition encouraged me to apply for a print designer role as I now I feel more confident in my abilities, and it affirmed that I have skills in this area!




Nikki Mattocks

Entering the competition gave me confidence in my media work because gaining recognition encourages me to do more. I felt empowered to enter the competition because I was so proud of the video I made, and I thought the competition would be an excellent opportunity to showcase my work.

I would say to other people that you have nothing to lose by entering and everything to gain - it’s an excellent opportunity and its worth going for.



The competition will be open from January 2018.  Come back to find out more, or email Competition Manager Amanda at to go on the competition mailing list.


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