Louise Smith

Sector Based Work Academy

 Customer Service Classroom Learner
I have only ever had one job in my life as a waitress and I left when I decided it wasn’t for me. I done 3 years at college but the course I was studying didn’t help me get a job. After applying for so many jobs and getting no replies back, I figured it was because I had to experience in hardly anything. I had to find a way of gaining experience in any way possible.

I talked to my advisor at the Job Centre and she sent me on a 2 week Customer Service employability course. I didn’t have a clue what the course was about but I thought it must help in some way and I went for it. I turned up to the London Learning Consortium were I done a basic 2 week course on admin and customer service skills and also learnt a bit more about interview skills and how to build a better CV. I learnt lots over the 2 weeks and gain new skills.

After the 2 week course I was ask to come back for a 4 week Work Trial where I am learning about all the different departments within LLC such as Marketing, Training, Finance and Customer Service. Everyone at the LLC is whiling to help you in any way possible and help you have some type of experience. At the end of the 4 weeks I may have a chance to work as an apprenticeship at the LLC.

I now feel, thanks to the help of everyone at the LLC that I have gained some new skills and experience that it would help me have a better chance of getting a job.

LLC office is closed today 18th February 2022 due to Storm Eunice.

All learners will/are being contacted to advise them to “stay at home” and “do not take risks” as a red weather warning was issued for London and the east of England ahead of the arrival of Storm Eunice.