Delcia Spinola

Employability Course

While still being unemployed for quite awhile and sending out lots of CV’s while getting few replies, I decided that I needed to go out and do something with my day and try getting some work experience while looking for work.

I had been on JSA and my advisor kept telling me that I should be in work with the previous experience that I have. We then came to the conclusion that I wasn’t marketing myself properly. I went to see my advisor and he told me that there’s an employability course coming up with London Learning Consortium, where they will be able to help me market myself better and improve my interview and CV skills and techniques.

I then enrolled on to an Employability Course with LLC where I was pleasantly greeted by staff and given in detail exactly what the course entails. While doing the course I learned about different work environments and different interview skills that I could use with future jobs. LLC helped me improve my CV and gave me more confidence while applying for work.

When I finished my Employability Course I was given the opportunity to do 4 weeks work experience with a chance to do an apprenticeship with LLC. During the work experience I worked in different departments of the organisation where I learned how the different departments worked together. I have really enjoyed my time here at LLC and would definitely recommend others to take on the courses they offer as it WILL help them with their future employment.

LLC office is closed today 18th February 2022 due to Storm Eunice.

All learners will/are being contacted to advise them to “stay at home” and “do not take risks” as a red weather warning was issued for London and the east of England ahead of the arrival of Storm Eunice.