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LLC Local

LLC provides a wide range of training, learning and educational programmes in the classroom, online and in the workplace. We have extensive experience providing high-quality services that can help our customers make the right choices whether it is for their own career, employment aims, or for their local community.

Our Local programmes specialise in providing training for those seeking employment and need to learn new skills, brush up on existing skills or improve English Maths and ICT and Employability Skills. The vocational sectors in which we work, provide high-quality training and work experience opportunities for employment in several sectors i.e. Working in Schools as Teaching Assistant, Childcare, Youthwork and Administration.

LLC ensures that all its programmes are designed around our customers’ needs and that we provide high quality and effective learning experience. Our programmes involve detailed training needs analysis sessions for individuals or organisational training needs analysis to help employers plan their workforce development needs. We also provide advice and guidance on other learning opportunities as part of the process.

Furthermore, subject to eligibility, if you are unemployed, our range of courses may be fully funded meaning you can get qualified right now to help you get into or progress in your chosen career. If you are currently employed, then these courses may be co-funded. Please call us to discuss your particular circumstances.

COVID-19 updated changes to courses: We have adapted our classroom courses to online learning to support you through these difficult times. You can still expect the same high standards of support from our tutors who will continue to deliver classroom-based courses in the format of Zoom seminars and Teams online classes. You can also expect regular one to one support via e-mail and phone calls, as we always offer.

You will need internet access and a working tablet, laptop or PC. For further information, our Recruitment Team is on hand to answer any queries and provide information, advice and guidance.

Please select the course of your interest from the options below, complete the quick application form and we will be in contact to support you with your application. 

During the Christmas holidays LLC offices will be closed and we will re-open the 2nd January 2020.

We see you having a great Christmas and a Happy New Year