Fully-Funded Courses for Lambeth Residents

Fully-Funded Courses for Lambeth Residents

Studying online is an easy and flexible way to achieve your goals at a time and pace that suits you.

Lambeth Borough Council is working in partnership with London Learning Consortium to provide free training for Lambeth residents.

LLC is delivering training and courses via Online Classes, where you will be able to learn from the safety of your home.

Our recruitment team is available to remotely assist and guide you to plan your studying journey.

Once enrolled, you will receive continuous one-to-one support from our tutors.

Benefits of LLC Online Classroom Courses:

  • Fully funded subject to eligibility.
  • Achieve a nationally recognized qualification (depending on the course)
  • High-quality and interactive online classes.
  • Classes are scheduled, yet flexible, with regular breaks (to attend to the kids and manage the homeschooling whilst studying for yourself).
  • One-to-one support from our qualified and experienced tutors.
  • Understanding and helpful tutors who can help you manage your studies and keep you on track.
  • Study from the comfort of your home.

Don’t hesitate and apply now!

Please find more details and the application form by selecting the course of your interest from the following links:

English Entry Level 2 & 3 (Beginner)

The aim of this qualification is to help you improve your English. At the end of this course, you will be able to: listen, understand and contribute to discussions, understand language so you can communicate well with different people, read and understand a variety of text and write accurately using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

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English L1 & L2 Functional Skills (Advanced)

The aim of this qualification is to allow you to improve your ability to read and write more effectively. It also seeks to develop your speaking, listening and communication skills. You will be expected to undertake independent study, and having access to a computer will be beneficial. It will help you to meet the new examination requirements which are more in line with the traditional G.C.S.E programme.

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Maths E2 & E3 Functional Skills (Beginner)

The aim of this course is to promote mathematical thinking and transferable skills rather than rote learning. You will benefit from the teaching of useful mathematics, for everyday life situations and the world of work. Additionally, our aim is to emphasise the benefits of maths to people who have been “turned off” by the subject.

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Functional Skills Maths Level 1 (Advance)

At the end of this course, you will be able to: Using number and the number system which includes whole numbers, fractions, percentages, ratio, and decimals, using common measures (weight, grams and kilograms), shape and space (2D & 3D shapes, measures)., scales, elevations, nets, direction and angles, and handling information and data which includes tables, bar charts, line graphs, statistics, and probability.

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ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) E2 & E3:

This course will support you with your reading, writing and speaking. The sessions cover a variety of discussion topics including how to listen, follow explanation and instruction, sharing and responding to personal information, identifying and expressing feeling and opinions and making contributions to discussions that are relevant to the subject.

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Homework Helpers: Math Bite-size (Key Stage 2)

As often heard these days, we are living in unprecedented times, having to rely so much more on the internet to get our messages across to others whilst colleges, schools, universities and training establishments remain closed. Come and join our online bite-size Maths course to build your confidence to support your children with their studies or maybe this can be an opportunity to awaken your Maths knowledge so that you can go onto bigger and better opportunities, especially if you have been out of education for a long time. This course is for parents struggling to support their children at home with Key Stage 2 Maths. It is also suitable for Teaching Assistants in training who want to improve their classroom management and Maths skills for this age range.

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Mental Wellbeing – One Day Course

This course aims to support participants on a journey to positive mental wellbeing and equips them with the skills, knowledge and tools to make and sustain positive changes.

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Personal Development – One Day Course

This course aims to support participants to explore their own inner potential and equips them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make positive changes in their life.

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Financial Empowerment – One Day Course

This course provides participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make positive changes in their financial circumstances. This includes financial literacy, money mindset, everyday money management, debt management and long-term investment/savings strategies.

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During the Christmas holidays LLC offices will be closed and we will re-open the 2nd January 2020.

We see you having a great Christmas and a Happy New Year