Functional Skills English Entry Level 2 & 3 – For Lambeth Residents Only

Functional Skills English Entry Level 2 & 3 – For Lambeth Residents Only


Functional Skills English Entry Level 2 & 3

Your Functional Skills English course will be delivered using the Microsoft Teams platform, email and other social media e.g. YouTube.

Classes will take place via video calls within Teams Classwork will also be distributed, completed and marked via the platform.

You will be assessed in three different components:

Speaking & Listening  (Assessed by your tutor)

In Speaking and Listening, you will have two tasks.  Task 1 is a talk/presentation to a small peer group and a linked question and answer session

Task 2 is a formal discussion.

Reading (Assessed Externally)

In Reading, your assignment consists of 2 reading tasks. These will test your ability to understand common styles of writing and to be able to identify important information in texts.  You will be assessed by either a paper-based or computer-based exams.

Writing (Assessed Externally)

In Writing, your assignment consists of 2 writing tasks. These will test your ability to write different types of common texts, using the correct forms of spelling grammar and punctuation. You will be assessed by either a paper-based exam or onscreen

You will need access to the internet on any of these: Desktop computers or laptop

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Listen, understand and contribute to discussions.
  • Understand language so you can communicate well with different people.
  • Read and understand a variety of text.
  • Write accurately using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.



We have adapted our classroom courses to online learning to support you through these difficult times. You can still expect the same high standards of support from our tutors who will continue to deliver classroom-based courses in the format of Zoom seminars and Teams online classes. You can also expect regular one to one support via e-mail and phone calls.
You will need internet access and a working tablet, laptop or PC.

Entry Requirements

Initial assessment in Maths & English


You will gain a City & Guilds Functional Skills Entry Level 2 or 3 Certificate in English.

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Fully funded subject to eligibility criteria.

During the Christmas holidays LLC offices will be closed and we will re-open the 2nd January 2020.

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