Essential IT

Essential IT

This 5-day short course will help learners to use ICT systems with confidence from turning on a PC to producing a basic Excel spreadsheet.

The course covers using Word, PowerPoint & Excel as well as using social media & the Internet.

Some basic employability skills are also covered in this programme including using IT to find and apply for jobs.


LLC Croydon

Entry Requirements

Learners should be working at Level 1 English and Entry level 3 Maths.


Non regulated programme to acquire the basic skills needed to use computers in everyday situations at home and at work.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is interested in learning how to use IT in their day to day life or for looking for work. All ages and abilities are encouraged to apply.

If you have never used IT before or have limited knowledge, this course is for you.

Course Benefits

This programme will help you to build the ICT practical skills needed to use a variety a software including Word, PowerPoint & Excel: Knowing how to use these will help increase your knowledge and confidence when using computers at work or at home.

The course also covers web browsing & basic social media which can help you to expand your social circle whilst maintaining your safety and security.


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Quick Facts

Start Dates

11th, 12th, 13th, 18th & 19th November.