Organisational Development Services

We offer a range of Organisational Development Services that build on London learning Consortium's experience and reputation, based upon supporting over 160 organisations in the third sector to improve capacity and capabilities. Our highly experienced team allows us to rapidly diagnose organisational challenges and to design appropriate and specific solutions.

Our Organisational Development Services are split into three core themes: Business and Organisational Development to help your organisation as a whole; Performance improvement via coaching and alternative employment options and Staff development through training and mentoring services.

Our focus is on maximising your sustainability by improving the quality and delivery of your services whilst limiting risk. Whether your organisation is seeking to change direction or strategy, is underperforming, or has reached a plateau in its development, we can provide the change programme needed to drive your future.

Business and Organisational Development

  • A clear focus and plan including evaluation of funding opportunities 
  • A structure to maximise the effective use of resource opportunities including opportunities to diversify, merge, federate or grow 
  • Service innovation that takes advantage of the changing economic environment, particularly through partnership 
  • Design of change programmes to support restructuring, downsizing or amalgamation

Performance improvement

  • Executive coaching and mentoring to increase leadership and people skills 
  • Managerial development to improve decision making, planning skills, confidence and ability to carry responsibility 
  • Team coaching to achieve a focus on organisational needs, resolve internal conflicts, boost cooperation and underline the links between performance and reward 
  • Develop performance management arrangements that allow managers to monitor outcomes with the lightest appropriate touch 
  • Staff training and development in support of retention and succession planning 
  • Individual performance coaching for key staff whose potential is not being realised 
  • Outplacement and career planning for those affected by organisational change

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