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I have been working with London Learning Consortium (LLC) since April 2014 when I recruited them to deliver the L&Q Apprenticeship programme. The programme includes an eight week part time pre-employment programme for up to 300 people and an apprenticeship scheme for 20 people.

Since the partnership began, senior colleagues at LLC have worked with us to ensure both programmes meet our needs. The apprenticeship scheme is relatively straight forward, but the pre-employment programme has been designed with L&Q residents in mind and has therefore taken more work to design and implement. LLC staff have worked tirelessly to talk us through options for content, delivery models and the assessment criteria to ensure the programme fully meets our needs and the needs of our residents.  

Now that the programme is up and running, I am really delighted with the service we have received from LLC. The operational staff delivering our programmes are absolutely outstanding; we have had excellent feedback from residents who really value their experience with LLC. Teaching staff have been attentive, energetic and very sensitive to individual learner needs. I am also pleased with the level of feedback I have received from these teaching staff, who ensure I am up to date with developments in the classroom.

I meet with LLC once a month to discuss continual improvement, revising our processes where necessary. Both LLC and L&Q staff are open and honest with feedback on the programme and processes within each organisation, and I am very confident that the recommendations LLC make to L&Q are made with the quality of our residents’ experience in mind. Changes at LLC are made with positivity and flexibility; an attitude I appreciate and wish I could replicate across other partnerships!

I would not hesitate to recommend LLC as a provider for apprenticeships and pre-employment support and I am looking forward to continuing our partnership over the year.


Sarah Borien, Apprenticeship Coordinator, London & Quadrant Housing Trust

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It was always Pathway’s ambition to employ former homeless people as Care Navigators working alongside nurses and doctors in hospitals where there is a Pathway team. The role the Care Navigator is to be a peer mentor and advocate to homeless patients during and immediately following a hospital admission and to provide support to clinical staff. Furthermore, we wanted to provide the opportunity for those employed as Care Navigators to study for a formal qualification in Health and Social Care, so that they have the opportunity to move to other employment within this field of care outside of Pathway.

To achieve this ambition, Pathway began working with the London Learning Consortium late in 2012 to develop a formal apprenticeship scheme for former homeless people to train to become Care Navigators in hospitals where there is a Pathway Homeless service.

The London Learning Consortium worked in Partnership with Pathway to map Pathway’s core competencies for Care Navigators against requirements of the Qualification and Credit Framework which would form part of the formal learning, and thus developed a Health and Social Care Apprenticeship scheme specifically for Pathway’s Care Navigators.

The first Care Navigator began her apprenticeship in April 2013, studying for the Level 3 diploma in Health and Social Care. She has been supported in her studies by the London Learning Consortium, through regular one to one meetings, assessment of assignments and support to ensure good progress is made. It is anticipated that the first apprentice will pass the diploma in autumn 2014.

Subsequently, another two Care Navigator apprentices have been employed and have begun studying for the Level 2 certificate in Health and Social Care, and have been receiving similar support for their studies.

We have been grateful for the help and support the London Learning Consortium have provided in helping us achieve our ambition, and whenever managers have asked for information about progress or for meetings with key personnel there has been a prompt and positive response. We plan to continue to work with the London Learning Consortium in training more homeless people to become Care Navigators through the apprenticeship scheme and thus achieve formal qualifications in Health and Social Care.

Stephanie Swan, Finance and Administration Director, Pathway