About Us


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We are a Community Interest Company that works for the benefit of communities and businesses across London. We provide a range of services to our members and funders within the learning and skills sector across London. Our membership is drawn from Voluntary and Community Sector learning providers and other learning and skills delivery partnerships.

Our members represent the most disadvantaged groups in the region and deliver services in a holistic manner providing a bespoke package of learning, skills and support within a transitional framework.


Improving prosperity for all through learning


To deliver the best opportunities together


We value:
Our communities of learning and our responsibilities to them
Our customers’ aspirations
Our people and their contributions
Quality and innovation in the work that we do

London Learning Consortium History

As the organisation is approaching the end of its eighth year it is worth outlining for reference the progress we have made in a relatively short period of time;

  • 2005/6 S. London CVS partnership is awarded ESF contract sustaining community learning by the London South Learning and Skills Council. Initial staff team recruited to pilot a voluntary sector learning and skills consortium across six S. London boroughs commences.
  • 2006/7 S. London learning consortium commences trading activities incubated by Sutton CVS. Steering group develops into first board, S LLC has three staff and income of £250,000
  • 2007/8 S. London learning consortium incorporated employs 4.5 staff and income of £440,000. Constituted as a CIC and trading arm of SLCVSP.
  • 2008/9 revenue increases to £1.2 million and a membership of nearly 120 organisations.
  • 2009/10 name is changed to London learning consortium income rises to £1.6 million we have over 160 members and employee ten staff. LLC helps set up 3SC and Fair Train.
  • 2010/11 A year of stability and infrastructure development. Income remained at £1.6 million as did membership and staff team.
  • 2011/12 income grew to £3.2 million staffing increased to 25 and membership exceeded over 200 organisations.
  • 2012/13 saw LLC grow its income to over £3.5 million with internal staff team of 30 operating from two premises and membership of 230 organizations. These included 26 subcontractors and the highest value of contracting to the third sector in our history.LLC achieves legal independence from SLCVSP.
  • 2013/14 saw LLC restructures its membership scheme setting up its own charitable subsidiary ‘The London Learning Foundation’. LLC works with 9 subcontractors and purchases its own premises in Croydon. Finances remain strong and LLC wins new business and seeks new revenue streams.
  • 2014/15 LLC launched a new membership scheme that was more aligned with funding priorities. Our income reduced to £3.3M due to Government measures. In November LLC were awarded a Grade 2 by OFSTED as well as being recognised for our high achievement rates our work in supporting learners was regarded as outstanding. London Learning Foundation delivered its first project for Comic Relief.
  • 2015/16  Outcomes remain strong despite funding cuts. LLC invited to join London Voluntary Sector ESIF Panel. LLC refocuses its provision to meet new policy agenda.